Scroll down for the 2.3L and 3.0L engines
This Diagram fit the 2001-2005 Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner

Removal the front wheel and splash guard. Rotate the tensioner pulley clockwise and slip the belt off of one of the pulleys. Slowly release the tensioner back to position.

Installation is reverse of removal.
Make sure all pulleys are free of any debris or fluids.
Route the belt according to the correct diagram for your engine size leaving the tensioner pulley for last. Maintain tension on the belt and rotate the tensioner enough to slip the belt over it.

Before starting your vehicle, be sure to check the belt again and make sure it is on each pulley correctly and there is enough tension.

Ford Escape 2.3 Liter

Diagram is the same with or without AC. If no AC the bottom right pulley is smaller and slightly to the left.

Ford Escape 3.0 Liter

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