Serpentine belt replacement cost

serpentine belt replacement costThe serpentine belt replacement cost varies from car to car. Some can be as little as $10 and some can get as high as $100. The best way to find the cost for replacing your serpentine belt is to call your local auto parts store. Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, Napa and O’Reilly are a few of the bigger companies that have locations in pretty much every state and major city. Those of you that are good with a computer might want to try looking up the price online ( All of the auto part companies mentioned have web sites that you can compare prices for your serpentine belt. I will post links to these web sites below.

When pricing your belt and figuring what your cost is going to be, keep in mind that your tensioner or idler pulley may also need to be replaced. These can be a little more pricy so when changing your serpentine belt be very careful with the tensioner to assure you do not damage it and create more work for yourself and a bigger expense.

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