Before starting please apply your parking brake and chock the back tires.
*Diagram can be printed or viewed on your mobile device.

Belt removal:
Raise and support the vehicle. Remove your right front wheel and and splash guard.Loosen the tensioner bolt and pivot bolt and rotate the tensioner (idler) pulley clockwise creating slack on the belt and remove it.

Route the belt around all the pulleys according to the diagram above and leave the tensioner pulley for last. Double check all the pulleys and make sure the belt is aligned correctly over each of them. Rotate your tensioner again and slip the belt over it.

Now route the power steering pump belt around the power steering pump (top left) and the crankshaft damper and tighten the tension. Belt should only have one inch of play in it.

If you need more detailed instructions or a diagram for a different Sebring, let us know in the forum.

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