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To install the serpentine belt for the 2003 Ford Ranger simply rotate the tensioner pulley with a tensioner pulley removal tool or a large ratchet with the correct size socket to fit the center bolt on the pulley itself. Remove the belt from the tensioner pulley and slowly release the tensioner. Remove the belt from the rest of the pulley’s.

Inspect all of the pulley’s and make sure there are not damaged in any way and are free from debris and fluids.

To install the serpentine belt, route the belt around all the pulleys leaving the tensioner pulley for last. Keep tension on the belt with your hand and rotate the tensioner pulley enough to slide the belt over it.

Inspect all the pulleys again and make sure the belt is lined up correctly on all of the pulley’s. Adjustments can be made by rotating the tensioner pulley just enough to create some slack with out removing the entire belt again.

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